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What is Henry?

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How does it work?

What states is Henry available?

What if I'm having a medical emergency?

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How do I get my medication?

Do I have to pay for my medication separately?

What if I'm not approved for a medication?

Are there any other medication Henry does not offer?

How do I see a provider?

Do I get to pick my provider?

What if I want to see a different provider?

Is it legal to see a provider through the internet?

Do I actually have to talk to the provider?

Where will my prescriptions be filled?

What pharmacies does Henry Meds suggest?

What if I want to use a local chain pharmacy?

How much does Henry Cost?

Does Henry accept insurance?

Are there any hidden fees?

Does Henry require a long-term contract?

What if I need to cancel?

What if I have a question about my bill?

What is the age range for treatment?