FAQ – Henry Meds

Everything You Need to Know

General Questions

Henry is a healthcare subscription service that provides our clients with access to high-quality practitioners with a focus in holistic care for endocrine conditions for a fixed monthly-price.

Henry is open to everyone regardless of gender. To use Henry you must be:

  1. 18 years old or older.
  2. A resident or physically in one of the states that we provide services to.
  3. A demonstrated medical need for treatment. For some conditions (such as Hormone Therapy) this means recent lab results (if you need diagnostic lab work done, we can help).

Henry is designed to be more than a telehealth platform, but still simple for our clients. You can start treatment in three easy-steps.

  1. Complete a medical intake and (if necessary) have lab work done to verify a medical need for treatment.
  2. Speak to your new healthcare provider through a telehealth (audio-visual) appointment.
  3. If medically appropriate, receive your medication in the mail every 30-days, or 60-days, or 90-days from our mail order pharmacy provider (depending on your provider’s decision).

We want to enable you to form a long-term connection with your provider so that they can provide ongoing care for your specific condition. With that in mind, Henry is designed for patients seeking long-term care.

We are constantly adding new states. If you attempt to sign-up and your state isn’t listed, check back soon!

In an emergency, please call 9-1-1, or your local equivalent, immediately.

Medication & Services Questions

We work with a third-party compounding pharmacy to process your prescription (if approved). Your medication will be mailed directly from the pharmacy to your address on file.

If you would like to have your prescription filled by a different pharmacy, our providers can fax your prescription in to a pharmacy of your choice. Please email [email protected] for further assistance.

Program costs displayed on our website include the medication costs (if approved by your provider). For your convenience, you are only billed once per-month for the total cost of the program.

If you need a copy of your invoice please contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you with a copy.

Like a traditional clinic, payment is for the providers’ service and the provider’s time spent with you in a telehealth appointment. Payment does not guarantee the writing or dispensing of a prescription medication.

In the event you are not approved, your provider is often able to offer alternative therapies that you may potentially be medically qualified for.

In the event this is not satisfactory to you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all payments.

Though the majority of providers Henry works with have a diverse range of experience, due to the nature of telehealth there are some conditions and treatments we are unable to facilitate. Please speak to a provider locally who may be able to assess your condition.

Henry does not offer or engage in any treatments involving:

  • Prescription Narcotics (Opiates)
  • Human Growth Hormone (GH/HGH)
  • Cannabis/Medical Marijuana/CBD, and such
  • Any ingredients that lack FDA-approval (novel peptides, nutraceuticals, etc.)

Provider & Clinician Questions

After completing your medical intake forms our team will schedule your telehealth appointment with your provider. Your provider will complete a 2-way audiovisual (telehealth) appointment with you on Doxy, a HIPAA compliant telehealth system.

Essentially you will have a video call with the provider.

Our team assigns appointment requests based on state licensing and provider availability. You will be given your provider’s profile before your appointment. If you do not want to speak to your assigned provider, for any reason, our team will work to schedule your appointment with a different provider for you.

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will help schedule your appointment with a different provider.
Yes, depending on the specific state in question. Henry only operates in states where telehealth is allowed for this specific use-case.
Though some telehealth companies will send medication after filling out an online survey, the providers at Henry believe that is not an adequate way to make a diagnosis, especially for a new client.

All clients must speak to a provider through two-way audiovisual communication (video call). Henry integrated with Doxy, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth delivery service.

Pharmacy Questions

You are able to take your prescription to a licensed pharmacy of your choosing. Please note, that if you go outside of Henry’s list of suggested pharmacies they may not honor your pricing from Henry Meds and therefore you would be required to pay the MSRP of the medication at the pharmacy.

Henry Meds often recommends the following pharmacies based on their pricing, safety, and willingness to work with Henry Meds clients.

Tailor Made Compounding

Phone : 1 (859) 887 0013
Fax : 1 (859) 406 1242

200 Moore Drive, Nicholasville, KY 40356

We can send your prescription to any pharmacy of your choice. Please note that most local pharmacies do not honor the pricing offered by Henry Meds and you may be required to pay out-of-pocket at the pharmacy to receive your medication. Henry Meds is unable to assist with these additional costs in the event you incur them.

Cost & Financial Questions

Due to the significant cost of healthcare in America, we designed all of our programs with the goal of making them as affordable as possible. Many patients save hundreds of dollars a month on the Henry platform.

Prices vary based on your specific program and the treatment options. All prices are displayed up-front before you receive any bills and are inclusive of all charges. We never stick any hidden-fees in the fine print. The price for a program is listed front-and-center.

We do not accept any public or private health insurance plans, cost-sharing, or any other similar methods of payment. Clients are solely responsible for the cost of the service.

No, the prices of all of our plans are displayed prominently on our website. All you pay per month is the flat-fee (as shown). If you choose to take your order outside of our list of suggested pharmacies you may be required to pay for your medication at the pharmacy.

No. Henry is offered on a month-to-month basis. We do not require you to sign up for any specific length of time.

Please email [email protected] and one of our care coordinators will be happy to assist you.