LaQueena Williams

Physician Assistant

LaQueena Williams, PA
LaQueena Williams, PA

Bridging the gap in healthcare has always been a passion for me. It is important to not only live, but to live life at your best physically, emotionally, and mentally. I enjoy helping others while witnessing positive health transformations that lead to decreased morbidity/mortality and optimal  healthy lifestyles.

I’ve been practicing for 5 years in a variety of specialty areas including Internal and Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Addiction Medicine, and Telemedicine. I have also pursued additional education and training in clinical leadership skills and patient advocacy in hopes to improve clinical outcomes. Each experience has afforded me with the opportunity to help others make  significant impacts to their health and well-being.

When I’m not actively working, I enjoy family vacations, reading, catching up on my favorite TV shows, trying new restaurants/recipes, weekly Pilates, strength training, and continuously making endless memories with loved ones!