Lauren Fox

Physician Assistant

Lauren Fox, PA
Lauren Fox, PA

I have been a practicing physician assistant since graduating from USC Keck School of Medicine in 2012. My career began in emergency medicine, where I saw a wide range of patient types and medical conditions. I transitioned to telemedicine five years ago after witnessing how difficult it was for people to navigate the healthcare system and access the medical care they needed.

I believe telemedicine can level the healthcare playing field, ensuring everyone has equal access to high-quality treatment in an inclusive and judgment-free environment that caters to their needs. I am excited to be a part of Henry Meds because it is affordable, patient-centric care with a collaborative approach to treatment, where I can help patients achieve and maintain their wellness goals.

When I am not helping patients, I enjoy traveling, reading, sports, music, any water activity (swimming, boating, scuba diving), and I am a Peloton enthusiast!