Robyn Staubach

Nurse Practitioner

Robyn Staubach, NP
Robyn Staubach, NP

Robyn Staubach, APRN, ACNP is a Board Certified, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner licensed in Massachusetts, Florida, Texas and New York. Robyn holds a master’s degree from Russell Sage College in New York.

Robyn has over 20 years of clinical experience in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Mental Health. She is a holistic and compassionate care provider who recognizes each patient as a unique individual with the capacity to change the quality of their life.

Robyn believes the partnership with your healthcare provider is a meaningful and purposeful relationship, rooted in empathy, trust and communication.

On her off time, Robyn enjoys hiking with her dog Yogi, gardening and time with family.