Dr. Steven Peacock

Doctor of Osteopathy

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Steven Peacock, CMO
Dr. Steven Peacock, CMO

My passion is to help people create optimal health. As fatherhood began during my undergraduate studies, I let my health fade as I needed to focus more on academics. This shift in prioritization was re-organized shortly after undergrad and I found that this experience allowed me to empathize with patients as they journey to better health. I don’t take my health for granted.

Now as a Board Certified Physician, I have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of many. This excites me to jump out of bed every morning. I love to see the enabling power of health impact a person’s entire circle of influence.

I have pursued additional education and training to improve my abilities. Most notably, through the Institute for Functional Medicine, I have gained valuable insights to enact changes for optimal health at a more granular level.

When I’m not helping others with their health, I am working on my own. Through exercise, fun family recreation, or researching the latest biohacking craze. This obsession overflows to my family, who, at times, takes part in my efforts to try a new recipe, workout or ritual. They all laugh, or complain, or both. This is what memories are though; family, health, fun.