Trace Owens

Nurse Practitioner

Trace Owens, NP
Trace Owens, NP

I began my career in healthcare in 1997 as an EMT/firefighter in Central Texas. I obtained my RN in 2008 from Austin Community College and in 2012 I went to the University of Texas for my Bachelors in Nursing.  in 2016 I completed my Masters in Nursing at Angelo State University in West Texas.  I am board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and  I am also certified in Emergency, Critical Care, and Flight Nursing.

When I was very young I was a patient at the Shriners Scottish Rite hospital for multiple surgeries, so I have been on the receiving end of health care and have seen the impact it can have from the perspective of the patient as well as the family.  This drove my passion where I wanted to be able to provide quality health care and education with a person-centric focus.  I am always wanting to learn more about my biggest passion which is Men’s health and nutrition.

I am a father and husband to the most incredible family in which we travel as often as possible to try to immerse ourselves and experience different cultures.  My personal hobbies include anything motorcycle or airplane related as I am also a private pilot and love to fly.

As a family, we are always outside either hiking, kayaking, or swimming.