Stacy Jones

Nurse Practitioner

Stacy Jones, NP
Stacy Jones, NP

I initially went to college to pursue a surgical technologist certificate as I have always been fascinated with surgery. As I navigated the basic college classes and started taking classes I was interested in, I quickly changed my major to Nursing as it is very versatile and allowed for a lot of different career opportunities, including being a surgical tech if I had wanted to. I have been a nurse since 2007 and acquired my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Michigan in 2018 specializing as an Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. I have spent most of my professional career helping those in need, specifically in underserved areas. It has always given me great satisfaction in being able to help those who are most vulnerable.

During my early nursing my early career most of my time was spent taking care of surgical patients in both the inpatient/ICU as well as outpatient surgical centers. I have spent most of the last few years honing my experience in obesity medicine as well as men and women's health, providing a variety of medical care in the telemedicine space. I feel telemedicine has been a great advancement in helping transform health care and how it is delivered to those most in need: those living in areas of healthcare deserts, uninsured or underinsured, disabled or lack transportation. Being able to reach those individuals who would otherwise go without care has been amazing as well as rewarding.

When I am not working, I spend time with my family and friends, take vacations, travel or experience new things, play with my dogs or read any historical fiction I can get my hands on.